The Art of Blogging

In this day and age, blogs have become an important part of world communication among people, may it be for private purposes such as a personal diary or photo album or even to adress political and economical topics. The accessebility of the world wide web has given every single individual the opportunity to express his opinion everywhere at any time. Blogging is simpy about the basic right to let one’s voice be heard and it does not matter what language you speak, may it be English, Spanish, French of Pinoy. The freedom of speech gained a significant component with the emergence of blogs.

A blog can be an audible voice for the public world

Finally, the gift of reaching as many people as possible to inform, educate of entertain them is no longer the sole property of mass media. Even more so, a change within the media scene is slowly taking place. Everey newspaper is maintaining a blog on his webpage and even full news blogs arouse and broke into the media market. As a result some bloggers became well known not only in the blog scene but also within the media scene and count as household names e.g. Arianna Huffington, Jeff Jarvis or Tom Karlo.Pinoyblogero tries to live up to this matter and provide information on the basics of blogging and give an insight to the great variety of different blogs existing out there in the wide bloggosphere of the world wide web.

The name Pinoy Blogero was chosen to express the idea that every language, no matter how special it is, becomes a strong voice to listen to within the global world of the blog scene. Moreover, blogs can turn into a vivid plattform providing not only texts but also pictures, photos and videos. serves as an introduction site for everyone who tries to get involved in blogging topics and maybe tries to start his own site. On our page you will find a lot of information where to find the right blog hoster and what topics to write about.