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  • Blogging Introduction
  • Introduction to blogs In the present day everybody wants to express his or her views on the subject that is related to day-to-day events. A simpler and easy way to express the view is through blogs. A blog is a division of a website which is maintained by a single individual. In other words it’s […]

  • Blog Search Engines
  • Introduction to blog search engine A Blog search engine is an online tool, which is intended to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are shown as a list of websites, images or files that contain the formation. The order in which of these websites are presented is based on their […]

  • How to build a blog
  • A blog is an interactive online website maintained by an individual, where the comments on a particular topic are posted regularly and sorted by the date. Thanks to the advancement in technology, building a blog is an easy job today. One need not know about the web designing or development to create a blog, one […]

  • Good web pages for blogs
  • Nowadays, presentation is very important to attract a visitor. Similarly a good web page is key for a successful blog. A web page is an information document or a format that is appropriate for the World Wide Web browser that is displayed on the monitor.   User friendly HTTP web page for blogs Designing a […]