Ladies Watches have become more of a luxury then necessity

Fashion and fashion accessories are the best way to set one’s self apart and having a watch is one of the ways. With the advancing technology that has given people devices like cell phones that can tell time, wrist watches are now more about fashion and having a top quality watch that suits one’s style is unique in itself. Four main features that can make a watch totally unique are strap style, strap material, face color and face shape. All these features together make interesting and fashionable watches for ladies. A lot of women watches have been made available to the market and they range from cheap to super expensive. These watches include dress watches, sports watches, jewelry watches and many others.

A jewelry watch is common to watch or jewelry collectors. Most of these are handmade and they take months to be finally completed and definitely they are beautiful, flawless and durable.Also sports watches offer some of the greatest features; water resistant, stopwatches, alarms and some having compass as well. They are specially designed to work well with the life style of sporty women. A dress watch which is also called as formal watch is usually classy and thin and made from white gold or yellow gold. Diamond watches are also included in this category. They are not only perfect for events and formal occasions but also can be worn during casual days.There are also watches available that are on bangles or cuffs.

While ladies are choosing watches, one important thing to look for is style. One should choose watches that fit her style, occasion, mood and even outfit. A beautiful watch is something that can really set off a lovely dress.