New Flat Screens

Technology and the New Flat screen

New flat screens offer a technology that has gone forward in leaps and bounds. With the new thinner flat screens that are available on the market today, nobody could have any doubts in their minds as to whether they should upgrade their old monitor to a new and extremely attractive monitor. They are definitely a fantastic addition to the desk top with their unobtrusive thin and space saving design.

Not only do they look the part, but they also provide much sharper and much clearer images, using TFT technology, which stands for Thin Film Transistors, in their makeup. The most common size of a monitor is 17 inches but with a flat screen it can go up to 19 inches, and this size of monitor offers you an ever clearer image in 1280 x1024 resolutions.

Image Quality of the New Flat screen

A flat screen now offers so much more than meets the eye, such as a noticeable difference in screen qualities amongst the models that you come across. This can be simply explained by the quality of the components installed into the flat screen, which as a matter of course, has a big effect on the brightness, or the contrast amongst other things, of the image that it produces. After checking out the specifications of the flat screen someone who wants to upgrade to a new flat screen should simply decide which screen they find the most attractive and then decide which image quality they prefer.

Always look at the resolution factor of the new flat screen when buying one and remember that the higher the resolution it has the better the image will be. Another important detail to watch out for is the response time that the flatscreen offers, this is specified as ms values, and always go for the quickest time available, which is 2ms, the highest that is available in the market place today.